This is the teacher's/parent's guide to Race to the Moonrise: An Ancient Journey. The book tells the story of two children who embark on an exciting adventure as they travel from Casas Grandes, Mexico, to Chimney Rock, Colorado. On their journey they visit the major cultural groups of the 13th century Southwest: the Mogollon, Hohokam, Sinagua, and Ancestral Puebloan. The book is targeted toward 4th through 8th grade students but is also enjoyable and informative for older children and adults.

Summaries of the major cultural groups visited by our hero, Long Legs, along with his younger sister, Little Basket, and their adult companion, Uncle, are presented in this guide. These will provide you with background information useful in the book discussion. The guide is set up with the intention of having the teacher, parents, or students read a chapter each day. Discussion questions, research topics, individual activities, group activities, and references are provided for each chapter. Projects range from those which are very simple to ones which require more preparation and imagination. On the CD, some projects may be projected for class use, such as the interactive map of the journey.