• Research flash floods and how they originate. Make a diagram of conditions necessary for flash floods.
  • Discuss prehistoric weaving. In most pueblo societies men were the weavers. Looms are found in kivas, which served as male clan "clubhouses" when not used ceremonially. Cotton grown in Arizona and New Mexico was traded north where the climate was too cold to grow it. The cotton may have been raw or already spun into yarn. Cotton aprons, capes, and belts were made of the yarn. Yucca leaves were woven into sandals and baskets and beautiful sashes were woven with domestic dog hair (some examples are displayed at the Mesa Verde Museum).
  • Wool was not used until Spanish sheep were introduced. Navajos, who became sheepherders, probably learned weaving techniques from the Pueblo Indians and soon were famous for their intricately designed wool rugs. These rugs were popular trade items with other tribes and later were modified for the non-Indian tourist market. Navajos may not have been in the Four Corners area until after the Ancestral Puebloans left.


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