• Research kachinas. The Hopi kachina cult may have been evolving as early as this story but may not have been fully developed until the 1300s. Kachinas were deities who people invoked for help. Kachina dolls, carved from cottonwood root, were made to teach children about the roles of the many kachinas.
  • The Kokopelli kachina is thought to have represented fertility. His hunched back may represent a full pack of seeds. He often carried a cane or a flute. Rock art depicts him throughout the Southwest, but the name Kokopelli traditionally refers only to the Hopi representation. The motif and the name Kokopelli have been commercialized throughout the West.
  • Mudhead kachinas brought humor to the many long and serious Pueblo ceremonies. Their heads looked like great globs of mud, and they performed entertaining, clownish antics.


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