Many thanks to exemplary teachers Loretta Kachin and Lester Wheeler of Plateau Valley Elementary and High School for inspiring activity ideas, Danni Langdon for editing, the Word Search game, and critical friendship, Ken Edmundson for creating the interactive CD, Eric Carlson for the book illustrations used in the guide, Nancy Lamm for some of the illustrations in the guide, and Bob Mosher for the topography illustration. I'm also appreciative of text review by Cathy Reigle and the staff of Pueblo Grand Museum, Corey Breternitz of Soil Systems, Inc., and Linda Martin and Kathy Fiero of Mesa Verde National Park. Danni Langdon and Jan Ryan edited the Interactive Map text. The illustration of Chimney Rock Pueblo (subsequently modified to make it look abandoned) was provided by the staff at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park and Chimney Rock Archaeological Area. As always, moral support was offered by brother Pete (Editor, Curmudgeon, Crank, and Crum), Dorothy Kilian, a.k.a. Aunt Dodie, my literary inspiration, and, of course, Mom.

    Sally Crum