• Look at the Trade Route Map. What do you notice about the trails?
       Most of them follow rivers (or connect springs/water sources).
  • Why did the trails usually follow rivers?
  • Discuss how some  roads today probably follow ancient Indian trails that may have been traveled for thousands of years. Why?

  • Because both follow the only passable route through difficult terrain.
  • Which star is the Traveler's Star? Why was it so important to travelers?
    The North Star never moves from its position which is nearly due north. This was invaluable to travelers on land and sea for thousands of years before compasses were used.
  • What does the rather Hollywood phrase, "It's been three (or four, or many) moons since I did s0-and-so" mean?
    A period of time from one full (or new) moon to the next one.
  • What words do we commonly use that relate to the moon?
    Month (from moon), lunatic (from lunar), etc.


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